About Us

Hey! My name is Victoria Groves Woodard and it's been a crazy ride to get to this point in my life. I took the long (very long) route to achieve my dreams. But I did it!

Born and raised right here in beautiful Franklin, KY and damn proud of it! I have the most fantastic and loving family (3 grown kids & 2 granddaughters and now a grandson) anyone could ever want! They push me and support my dreams even if they seem kinda crazy...lol

I have always wanted to own my own little cool spot to gather and shop. So...here I am!! Here at Rebel Heart Co. you'll find that I don't fit into just one little box and don't think you should either. And btw, ladies, throw out those old rules! I hate to hear women say "I'm too old for that" because girl, NO YOU'RE NOT!! If it fits and you're comfortable in it then wear the damn thing! Don't concern yourself with what others think...BE YOU!!